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Norma Ray, a famous recognized artist whose music is played all over the world, who’s now set her sights on teaching you how to be the best singer you can possibly be!

If you’re a beginner who’d like to sing like a pro, if you’re already a professional, or if you’ve always wanted to be a better singer, tried lots of stuff and didn’t see the progress you’d like….you’ve finally found the right place, THIS SITE IS FOR YOU!

Actually, I’m gonna tell you exactly what you need to know to be the BEST singer you can possibly be.

Hi, my name is Norma, I’m a French singer-songwriter & music producer. Singing and creating music has made my life special and I know it can do it for you as well, that’s the reason why I’ve created this website.

Learning to sing like your favorite stars

You see, I personally don’t dream of singing like a star, simply because I’ve already realized that dream. I am a famous and recognized artist and my music is being played all over the world. I’ve created this website to help you become a better singer and achieve your dreams too.

Feel free to check out the About page to find out a bit more about me…

Get The Most Out Of Your Voice!

My tips for singing will help you go easily to the next level!

…Starting from where you are, and helping you get where you wanna be….

I will be sharing some tips for singing solo, essential tips for beginners, tips for singing in a choir or sing with a band. Tips to sing higher notes easily, tips to increase your vocal range, breath effectively and avoid strained vocal cords. Tips for singing in front of an audience. Tips to sing and play guitar, tips to improve your self-confidence and find your unique style, tips to have fun singing….and more….

Acquiring the greatest range, tone quality, stamina, expression you’re capable of!

You will get some great content based on my personal experience, some powerful techniques, and some fantastic resources that you’ll likely want to dive deeper into. In the process, you’ll discover how to sound like a pro and sing with passion, effortlessly and successfully.

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- What are the different types of voices and the voices specifics that IMPACT the quality of singing

- What are the ESSENTIAL things YOU HAVE TO KNOW when choosing a singing software

- What is ABSOLUTELY critical to avoid vocal cords damage

And so much more…

Maybe you’ve tried or read a lot of things already…

So many methods and teachers out there, which one is good, which one is not ? Working with a teacher is great but can sometimes be quite expensive unfortunately.

As you know, improving and developing your vocal skills can be a challenging process, and even if the reward is priceless, it can sometimes easily become overwhelming.

There are thousands of people who want to sing and for many different reasons never got round to it!

Perhaps you’re so shy that you can’t even sing in front of another person ? Perhaps you’ve never tried singing, or you’re already singing but has developed some bad habits over time, straining your vocal cords ?

Perhaps you sing off-key and were often told to ” shut up and be quiet”,  or have natural talents but no singing training at all ? Perhaps you don’t like your own voice and think you have no style, or perhaps you’re too nervous to go on stage, have some emotional blocks and suffer from a lack of self-confidence?

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone…

There’s always something you can do to improve your voice, but if you wait, if you don’t take action Now, you might just only keep on dreaming of singing better, but NEVER actually be able to do it. If you don’t know yourself, your voice and your limits, if you already have vocal problems, maybe next week, next month or even next year, improper use of your voice might damage your vocal cords even more!

Can You Start Singing Better Today?

ABSOLUTELY! With the right method, advice and guidance, within minutes you can feel and sound better. Although it requires some passion, patience, commitment, and some consistent work to learn how to sing the right way, you can start making progress immediately.

Having The Right Mindset…

Increasing Your Self Confidence and Your Self-esteem…

In order to improve your vocal skills and become the singer you’ve always dreamed to be, you need to believe that it’s possible for you! You need to find people who can help you develop your potential by giving you the best advice, and you also need to surround yourself with the people who are getting the results you want. Improving your technical skills and sounding better is not enough, you also need to work on developing the proper mindset, it’s critical.

Focus On Progress Not Perfection…

No matter where you’re starting from, you will improve your technique, you will be able to create your own beautiful and engaging tones. If you do the right things, in the right order applied at the right time, you will get there, there’s no doubt about it.

One of the key things however, that I learned over the past few years, is that the difference between people who master things and those who don’t, is just the time that they put into it and the mindset they have.

A Never Ending Process Bringing More Confidence, Enthusiasm, Energy, Creativity And Productivity…

As you know, singing and creating music has made my life special, I’ve always loved to learn and I continually want to improve my musicianship and performance skills to always give my best.

I have the mindset, the talents, the motivation, the belief, the faith, the right method and I know the importance of finding the right people at the right time. This is what has allowed me to become successful as an artist.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you have the mindset, the belief, the faith, the right method, the motivation and do you know the right people?

Even if you’re not a professional musician, wouldn’t it be great to be able to sing like one?

Reach For Your Dream!

Whatever style you intend to pursue, you’re going to have a great time exploring your voice, it’s going to be a FUN, EXCITING and TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY. I’ll be really happy to help you discover the best training available, and some great tips for singing to help you stretch yourself and develop in more areas that you can even imagine!

Feel free to check out my website, sign up to my FREE newsletter to receive your FREE Report «  90 Days to Become A better Singer » and Start Right Now !

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